It has been amazing journey so far.

We would like to thank our valued clients, we have been growing up and learning together with you, thanks to your trust, patience and understanding we have developed into one of the top level law firms in Tbilisi and have been able to successfully represent you. We promise to continue tirelessly safeguarding your interests to justify your trust and confidence.

Thank you all our dedicated staff members, hardworking attorneys, and wonderful people. We have been lucky to work with you, learn from you, especially, to have friends like you.

It is with great pride, and due to our positive corporate culture, we can declare that we have clients who stayed with us for all 7 years, we have attorneys who started with us from the very beginning and went all the way through the world financial crisis, war, and other ups and downs together with us.

I hope everybody, who had even short experience with us had enjoyed it, well, we certainly did; and our doors and hearts remain always open to each and every one of you.

Happy Birthday GLCC!

Allow to wish us, keep our clients always happy and prosperous, and our attorneys grow professionally, individually, and the law firm as a corporation.