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GLCC Law Firm was established in 2007 and offers dynamic and result oriented legal assistance focused on the success of your business.

GLCC is the leader in the real estate, construction, and development business. Currently, we provide legal services to more than 35% of all the real estate and construction businesses in Georgia, We also lead the legal service in the health care industry advising 6 major hospitals in Georgia, our clients also include major financial institutions, multi-million dollar investment funds, large agriculture productions, communication companies, international non-governmental organizations and government entities.

GLCC Lawyers have been involved in negotiating and drafting contracts of major transactions like the $150 million dollar investment transaction to build the Olympic village in Tbilisi, due diligence and acquisition of Basis Bank of Georgia – a major financial institution in the country, multi-million dollar loan agreements from international financial institutions (OPIC and EBRD), mergers in the construction development and health care and tourism businesses, acquisition of various licenses in the communication sector, permits for natural resources and succession agreements.

Our litigation history includes successful cases with a seven-digit amount of victories on behalf of our clients against big financial institutions, real estate companies, travel agencies, the Revenue Service of Georgia, and other public and private entities. Some of those cases were the precedent-setting ones in the Supreme Court of Georgia where we frequently litigate. The count of cases argued before Georgian courts and arbitrations by our litigators have passed the one thousand’s threshold in civil and administrative cases.

Partners of the GLCC have been involved in the legislative drafting process in Georgia including insolvency, entrepreneurship, arbitration, licensing and permits, maritime, elections, and other key fields.

We are committed to provide efficient and focused advice dedicated to the prosperity and well-being of our clients.

Goals and principles

GLCC aims to help businesses in Georgia with the complex legal environment, introduces the modern standards of legal assistance in Georgia, establishes the law firm which puts the clients’ interests first.

 To meet the goals we are guided by the following principles of service:

  • GLCC offers an individual approach to each client, focused on satisfying the client’s needs.
  • Client is always right.
  • GLCC acknowledges the problems of its client as its own priority, and uses all the legal resources to solve it.
  • Our approach is finding cost-effective and timely solutions.
  • The client may request and receive the information about the status of his case at any time, also about the working time spent on the case.
  • Pleasant environment in the office and in the relationships.
  • Client is informed about the expectations from our law firm and about the exact services.
  • Attorney may not guarantee the result of the case.
  • The service price and the calculation formula should be known to the client beforehand.

GLCC may terminate client service as agreed between the partners, only if :

  • The client violates the contract terms, including payment terms.
  • The client jeopardizes our public image and name.
  • It is against the ethics code or firm’s interests.

Ethics code

  • GLCC is independent while performing its duties, and obeys only the law and this ethics code.

  • GLCC bases its work on honesty, integrity, and competence, our conduct may not prejudice the client’s trust.

  • Information acquired during the professional performance is confidential.

  • GLCC puts the client’s interests above its own or the personal interests of its attorneys.

  • GLCC may not consult or advise or represent more than one client in the same case if there is a conflict of interest between them.

  • GLCC may not terminate the representation of a client without compelling reason on the basis of service principles. Termination of the legal assistance to the client who is not in a position to obtain other legal assistance is prohibited.

  • An attorney may not act against the client’s interest, lie or misbehave with the client.

  • GLCC is concerned with settling the case in the shortest time frame with few expenses in the best interest of the client.

  • GLCC may not use the fraudulent evidence before the court.

  • GLCC must respect other attorneys and law firms.

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