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GLCC Law Firm provides construction development and real estate companies with a  high
quality  legal assistance.  Construction Legal audit is the service that includes the full
compliance of the construction process with the stated regulations.

The legal services to the construction and real estate companies include:

–       Drafting and defining the general legal strategy related to construction activities
–       Defining the legal status of the real property
–       Obtaining requested government consent and permits
–       Negotiating the contract provision with owners of the real property
–       Drafting and registering project plan
–       Signing contracts with builders, suppliers and service providers
–       Concluding agreements with clients (purchaser of the real property)
–       Drafting contracts related to real property (purchase, mortgage agreement and etc)
–       Representing clients’ interest in courts or/and arbitration
–       Completing the memorandum of understanding and cooperation between commercial
banks and real estate companies
–       Supporting clients on the contentious issues with the City Hall, Labor and Municipal
Inspection Bodies and National Agency of Public Registry of Ministry of Justice of

The  Construction and Real Estate Services is headed by the director of the GLCC Law Firm –
Aleksandre Kamushadze, who has  many years of expertise in the construction field.


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