S_KamushadzeAleksandre Kamushadze


 E-mail: akamushadze@glcc.ge

Mr. Aleksandre Kamushadze is a partner and director of GLCC Law Firm. His practice areas mainly include Construction Law, Tax Law, Insurance Law, Family and Inheritance Law, Administrative Law, Civil and Administrative Procedure Law, Executive Law.

Mr. Kamushadze has started his career at international insurance company – “Irao”, where his main activities covered legal analyzes of contracts, drafting the contract regarding new insurance product created by the company, defending company’s interests in litigation and Arbitration processes. Later on he moved to Tbilisi City Hall, in Property Management Department. He has participated in drafting several normative acts.

Afterwards Aleksandre has started to work at GLCC as a lawyer and later on he became the director and partner of the Law Firm. In addition to managing and administrating the company, he provides legal and attorney service to the clients of the Firm, drafts different types of contracts and deals with executive processes.

Mr. Kamushadze graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law. He has participated in several legal and tax/accounting certification courses. Since 2008 Aleksandre is a member of Georgian Bar Association and is entitled to advocacy right in Civil and Administrative Law. With his native Georgian, Mr. Kamushadze speaks fluent English and Russian.