Nikoloz Abutidze



Nikoloz Abutidze is an associate of GLCC Law Firm since 2013 to the present. His practice area is mostly Administrative Law, Tax Law, Construction Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Civil and Civil Procedure Law.  He successfully defends client’s interests in court, which is many cases in favor of clients.

Besides practical activities Mr. Abutidze is actively involved in academic field; In particular, he is an invited lecturer at the European Academic Center and is conducting trainings in construction and administrative law. Trainings are intended for persons employed in different public and private organizations.

Mr. Abutidze graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law and received Bachelor’s degree in 2009. He also successfully graduated from Program of Public Administration of Georgia Institute of Public Affairs and received Master’s Degree.

Mr. Abutidze has passed different types of legal and tax certificate courses, including the Georgian Lawyers’ Association Certificate in Civil Law specialization.

Besides his native Georgian language, Mr. Abutidze is fluent in English and Russian languages.