GLCC aims to help businesses in Georgia with the complex legal environment, introduces the modern standards of legal assistance in Georgia, establishes the law firm which puts the clients’ interests first.

 To meet the goals we are guided by the following principles of service:

  • GLCC offers individual approach to each client, focused on satisfying client’s needs.
  • lient is always right.
  • GLCC acknowledges the problems of its client as its own priority, and uses all the legal resources to solve it.
  • Our approach is finding cost-effective and timely solutions.
  • Client may request and receive the information about the status of his case at any time, also about the working time spent on the case.
  • Pleasant environment in the office and in the relationships.
  • Client is informed about the expectations from our law firm and about the exact services.
  • Attorney may not guarantee the result of the case.
  • The service price and the calculation formula should be known to the client beforehand.

 Company may terminate client service as agreed between the partners, only if :

  • Client violates the contract terms, including payment terms.
  • Client jeopardizes our public image and name.
  • It is against the ethics code or firm’s interests.