Enveri Abuladze
E-mail: eabuladze@glcc.ge

Enveri serves as a paralegal at GLCC law firm. His practice area includes Civil Law,
Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law, preparing lawsuits, defenses and complaints,
drafting and analyzing various legal documents, etc.
Prior to joining GLCC law firm, Enveri was an intern at The University of Georgia Legal aid clinic
and New Vision University Legal Ethic Clinic
He graduated from The University of Georgia, Faculty of Law in 2020 and received his
Bachelor’s Degree. Currently, Enveri is a student of LLM in International Business Law in The
University of Georgia.
During his studies at The University of Georgia, Enveri participated in various law schools,
trainings and competitions on national as well as international level, among them: Took part and
won an INADR Mediate’19 – International Mediation Competition (Bialystok, Poland, 2019),
participated in the 15th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition (Paris, France,
2020) and 19 th INADR International Mediation Competition (Chicago, America, 2020). In 2020
Enveri was a co-coach of the team of The University of Georgia in international mediation
competitions organized by ADR ODR and INADR.
In addition to his native Georgian, Enveri is fluent in English and Russian languages.