Semen Kryvonos



Semen Kryvonos  is the managing partner and founder of GLCC Ukraine.

The main sphere of his activity includes Corporate, transport, entrepreneurial, customs, labor, constitutional law, Mergers and Acquisitions as well as issues related to different forms of reorganization of enterprises.

At the initial stage of his legal career (from 2003 to 2015), He worked as a senior lawyer for the Swiss agro-industrial holding company, carrying out legal support for the forwarding activities of the group of companies. In 2015-2016 years he worked as head of the legal department of the Odessa regional state administration. The legal department under his leadership exercised legal support for the activities of both the governor and all departments of the regional and district state administrations on issues of land, labor, financial and other fields of law.

From April to November 2016 he served as deputy head of the Odessa Customs – the largest customs office in Ukraine.

Semen Kryvonos graduated from the Odessa National Law Academy with honors, defending his master’s degree in the department of maritime and customs law, having received the Master’s degree in law. DPh (2007), Associate Professor (2013).