Irakli Gaprindashvili
Managing Partner E-mail: igaprindashvili@glcc.ge
Mr. Irakli Gaprindashvili is a founding partner of GLCC Law Firm. His practice areas mainly include Commercial Law, Corporate law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Contract Law, Insolvency Law, Real Estate Transactions, Tax Law.
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Shalva Tskhakaia
Partner E-mail: stskhakaia@glcc.ge
Shalva Tskhakaia is a founding partner in GLCC law firm; his area of expertise include civil litigation and arbitration, international transactions, investment and banking law, corporate law, international trade law, labour law and non-profit entities.
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Aleksandre Kamushadze
Director E-mail: akamushadze@glcc.ge
Mr. Aleksandre Kamushadze is a partner and director of GLCC Law Firm. His practice areas mainly include Construction Law, Tax Law, Insurance Law, Family and Inheritance Law, Administrative Law, Civil and Administrative Procedure Law, Executive Law.
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Grigol Mumladze
Senior Associate E-mail: gmumladze@glcc.ge
Mr. Grigol Mumladze is a lawyer in GLCC Law Firm. His practice areas mainly include Corporate law, Contract Law, Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law. In the beginning Mr. Mumladze has started to work as a lawyer at JSC “Agroinvest Bank”
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Maka Kvirtia
AssociateE-mail: mkvirtia@glcc.ge
Ms. Maka Kvirtia is a lawyer at GLCC Law Firm. Her practice area includes Healthcare Law, Corporate and Contract Law. Prior to joining the Law Firm she was employed in various local and foreign non-governmental organizations, such as: New Energies for X Territories (NEXT)
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Rusudan Otiashvili
Junior Associate E-mail: rotiashvili@glcc.ge
Miss Rusudan Otiashvili serves as a Junior Associate at GLCC law firm. Her practice area mainly includes Contract Law, Civil Law, administrative law, Labor Law. Prior to joining GLCC as a Junior Associate, Miss Otiashvili interned at our law firm.
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Nikoloz Abutidze
Junior Associate E-mail: nabutidze@glcc.ge
Mr. Nikoloz Abutidze is a lawyer at GLCC Law Firm. His practice area mainly includesAdministrative Law, Tax Law, Business Law, Labor Law, Contract Law, Civil and CivilProcedure Law.

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Mariam Gulbani
Junior Associate E-mail: mgulbani@glcc.ge
Mariam Gulbani is an interne in GLCC law firm. She is mainly specialized in Contract law, Labor law, Civil law, Administrative law, Commercial law. She holds the following responsibilities: Become familiar with the specifics of the company’s work
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Megi Diasamidze
Junior Associate E-mail: mdiasamidze@glcc.ge
Megi Diasamidze is an intern in GLCC law firm.  She is specialized  in Contract Law, Civil and Civil Procedure Law, Administrative and Administrative Procedure Law, Executive Law, Disability Law, Data Protection Law. She holds the following responsibilities: become familiar with the specifics of the company’s work, Participate in the preparation
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Revaz Tkavadze
Off-Counsel E-mail: rtkavadze@glcc.ge
Revaz Tkavadze has joined GLCC in 2013, he serves as Off-Counsel/Partner of the firm. Mr. Tkavadze has over 10 years experience as business and transaction lawyer, major areas of his professional practice are international financial law, project finance, private equity, joint ventures, corporate law, tax law and international business transactions.
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